‘Welcome to Why The Long Face?’ - 10/08/19

A psychiatrist and a management consultant walk into a bar. This should be the start of the lamest joke ever. but turns out to be origins of Why The Long Face? - a new Podcast where we hope to shine a light on our wonderful but all-too-frail human spirit.


Episode 1 - ‘Coming Out’ - 12/08/19

In the first episode of Season 1 focusing on depression we cover the problem of stigma in our society, how this shows itself in attitudes and behaviour and how we can challenge it with a different way of thinking about the condition.


Episode 2 - ‘What Is Depression?’ - 19/08/19

In our second episode we discuss the fundamentals of what depression is, and how it manifests itself beyond just sadness. In addition, we focus on how to distinguish a depressive episode from just feeling down.

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Episode 3 - ‘What Causes Depression?’

Available 26/08/19